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Welcome to Just Doin Work!  We are a smaller 10 man PVE/PVP guild on The Underbog U.S.  We currently run two 10 man raid teams and are always looking for more people to join.  We are currently recruiting mainly for pvp to fill our RBG team and do them more consistently.  However, we are always interested in pve applicants and the opportunity to work your way into a raid team will arise.  So if you are interested than please apply and good luck! Please refer to our recruitment board on the right side of the page to see what our current needs are.
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Heroic Spine Down!

zone270, Jun 28, 12 12:25 AM.
Gratz everyone on being 7/8 now for madness!

Raiders UI

Kabuse_bog, Jun 15, 12 11:08 PM.
If you want Upload your UI for people to look at for idea's of what they should do as well as constructive criticism.


Kabuse_bog, May 11, 12 12:18 AM.
Why yes, Yes that does indeed put us at 6/8H. Now for the tedious job of killing the spine.

Gratz! Heroic Zon'ozz and Hagara down!

zone270, Apr 28, 12 1:09 PM.
Congratulations to us! Downed Heroic Zon'ozz and Hagara making us 5/8 heroic! Pics coming soon!
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